Twin :D
I made this up

Sitting here thinking when is it the end of waiting

Tired of sitting in my room crying, My heart is continuously bleeding

You changed my life into something better and new, and now its twisted because of u

Now you making bad decisions and making me feel like shit, makes me wanna stab myself wit a crucifix

Cuz God made me fall for you and now ill never find my way through

I took your bullshit anger tantrums, making me wanna shoot myself wit multiple guns

I took shit that no man would and still came to you wit love like a good boyfriend should

I took the blame that was yours just so we can go through the days without any sores

I treated you like a princess and now I recess on what I do cuz all im doing is thinking of u

You were my everything and my one and only but in the end I never felt so lonely

To not talk to you in person or even on the phone makes me weak to the bone

You make me feel so bad you bitch I wish I can make you burn in hell with a flip of a switch

But that doesn’t come close on how bad u hurt me,

You made me feel like my heart was stabbed and nailed to a tree

Or was stomped and kicked into sea

Whatever it feels like ill never set myself free

From this hurt of a burn of 4th degree

I say always and you say forever but now that doesn’t even matter

It makes me cry like when I eat red pepper

You became an emperor that took over my heart

And ripped that shit apart and turned it into a work of art

Where you can laugh and throw painful darts